Monday, April 17, 2006


Having really busy days and nights since I posted this point in time, I have so much to do that at times the only way I can tune out is by tuning in to music and either blogging or stumbling. So I figured that I would do a bit of both and then get back to what I have on my plate.

Ever wondered why a day only has 24 hours and one has to sleep at least 6-8 hours of them? I have a lot of times. Right now is one of them.

Here is my list of stuff to do yesterday:

a) Set up my new iPod Nano
b) Look up the difference between digital and analog cameras(SLR) and decide which one to buy
c) Tinker with this blog's settings
d) Check out a lot of pages on the internet which I have downloaded and stumbled upon
e) Read at least 5 magazines which I bought in the last week
f) Set up my new iPod Nano
g) Download some music from the net
h) Rip some of my CD's to my hard disk
i) Start my morning walks and exercises
j) Lose some weight
k) Set up my new iPod Nano
l) Finish reading at least 8 books which I bought a month ago
m) Answer emails of bloggers and stumblers who I am in touch with
n) Read the last 3 days newspapers
o) Answer my personal and work related emails
p) Set up my new iPod Nano

So...I guess that I will set up my new iPod Nano. As you can guess...I am a bit excited about it



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